GALAXYPEARL - A beautiful filament LED RGB bulb

🌌 The unique design gives a fascinating look. Through the design of the LED package substrate, if viewed from the top, it looks like the Milky Way Nebula. Amazing!

🌌 Each filament starts from the center of the circle and is distributed in the form of a spiral. This is to allow the light to be emitted in all directions and angles, which subtly solves the problem of uneven light distribution of the straight LED filament RGB products.

🌌 Multiple sets of LEDs of different colors can be designed on different filaments. It can emit light of various colors within a hemispherical range, including the R, G, B, cool white, warm white.

🌌 The overall effect is similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, but it reflects modern technology, achieving colorful, versatile and intelligent.

🌌 You can use a smart phone or smart speaker (such as Amazon's Alexa) via Bluetooth and WiFi, the latest way to start the control Galaxypearl.

Designed by SIJUNSI in Hangzhou China /

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